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Apr 6, 2020

“What should I do with my money?” As the Chief Investment Officer at a $4 billion wealth management firm, Peter Lazaroff is no stranger to this question. Peter has built a national reputation as an educator and wealth management expert due to his ability to simplify complex financial topics into easily digestible lessons.
In his latest book, Making Money Simple, Peter provides a framework for turning career success into financial success. He does this by focusing only on the most important financial decisions and creating a system that quietly nudges your
finances in the right direction without regular ongoing effort. 

No matter your financial situation, Peter will give you the tools and knowledge to write your own financial success story. In addition to developing and communicating Plancorp’s investment strategy, Peter regularly writes for The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. He also appears on national television and speaks at events across the country.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • A bulletproof approach to meeting your financial goals
  • How to keep lifestyle creep from sabotaging your goals
  • How to avoid costly mistakes
  • 3 Crucial elements of building a strong financial house

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