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Jul 30, 2018

Kimi Avary is a speaker, author, and coach committed to promoting a Paradigm Shift for Partnerships based on understanding and successfully navigating the masculine-feminine dynamic in personal and professional relationships. For over 10 years she has coached men and women who are challenged creating great relationships. She has a Masters in Counseling, is an NLP Master practitioner and trainer, and a certified relationship coach. She has spoken publicly in numerous venues nationwide and recently shared the stage with Marianne Williamson and Caroline Mayss. Her upcoming book Relationship Navigation: It Takes More Than Love has been endorsed by Dr. John Gray of the Mars/Venus Series. 

In the episode we chatted about:
  • What's one way we stop ourselves from experiencing bliss in our lives? 
  • What is one thing that helps cure relationship misunderstandings? 
  • Why is curiosity so important in relationships? 
  • Why is being Blissful so important to creating a great partnership romantically or otherwise? 
Kimi also offered everyone a complimentary 30 minute Relationship Potential Consultation.  Just go to and make sure you let her know you found her through me.  You'll love her!
Kimi also mentioned her upcoming 2 day event which is all about upleveling your communication through curiosity.  I love the name of the event, which is called Voraciously Curious.  You can get more details at