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Jun 25, 2018

Elise has 30 years of professional selling and sales management experience in corporate America, has owned and operated 2 successful small businesses and currently own and manage 4 pieces of commercial property.

On this episode of Real Estate Investing for Women here's what we discussed:

1. How are your current perceptions, attitudes and behaviors helping or hurting your ability to become a Real Estate Investor?
2. How do you know if you have what it takes to be a Real Estate investor?
3. How can the Energy Leadership Index help you to understand how you are showing up in life and what can it teach you?
4. How can you increase your confidence and courage to push out of your comfort zones and go after what you dream of having?
What are 5 action steps anyone can do to get out of stall and into progress?
6. How would visualizing what being a successful Real Estate Investor transform your beliefs around what is possible?

Elise became a certified coach specializing in Energy Performance Insight Coaching because Elise saw too many people, and in particular, women sitting on the sidelines of life playing small.

Elise work with clients to uncover the interpretations, assumptions, and limiting beliefs they are making about themselves to see how those are either helping them or blocking them from achievement.

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