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Feb 18, 2019

Kelly Resendez, author of the new and already popular book Big Voices, is also founder of, a women-empowered network. She is passionate about helping people increase joy, reduce suffering, and learn to think differently. Her own journey has helped her create the strategies and tools that she shares throughout her books.

We all long to experience the extraordinary, yet so many of us seem
content to settle for mediocrity and suffering. Why? Perhaps because we’ve allowed our “little voices,” the ones who say we’re not smart enough, pretty enough, good enough, to lead our actions and temper our desires. Kelly Resendez is determined to change all that. She believes that life begins when you become aware of who you truly are. You can write a new story. You can have a Big Voice. Kelly’s uplifting message focuses on identifying and removing the barriers to self-actualization you have created. She’s spent years working on her own Big Voice, learning from the masters and she shares that hard-won knowledge with you.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Strategies women can implement immediately to start writing a new story and minimize self-suffering
  • Finding balance and reducing stress in the workplace
  • From intention to action - how to identify self-sabotage
  • Overcoming predictable emotional triggers and conflicts

Essentials tool kit, free chapter of her book, stress relief video