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Aug 20, 2018

Melissa Seaman joins us in an exciting interview to show us how we can balance intuition and intellect as you manage your rentals. 

Melissa is a Stanford educated lawyer who has been able to transform herself into an intuitive executive coach. She specializes in bringing out the creative genius in leaders across many industries in the USA and beyond. She does a lot of work in the Silicon Valley, assisting leaders in the tech industry achieve their creative intuition and genius. 

Melissa is also an author of a forthcoming book, Genius Incarnate and the creator of the Soul Gift System where one can find out what their intuition is and what their soul gift is. 

Her interest in real estate is profound, and she explains to us how she identifies with her potential renters through understanding their soul gifts. She shows us how we can apply the same technique to our own real estate investments and find the right renters who sync with our own soul gifts.

On this episode of Real Estate Investing for Women here's what we discussed:

  1. Tapping into the soul of your renters to find the best and kindest souls
  2. Communication with tenants and family members according to their soul gift types
  3. Different types of soul gifts and how to recognize the soul gifts of your renters
  4. Super tip on getting started in real estate investing
  5. Strategy on being successful in real estate investing
  6. Strategy Melissa uses daily that contributes to her own success in her business and in real estate investing



Soul Gift System: